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MBA graduate 2016, Emory University - Goizueta Business school

Nam Le

"I had an advisory session with Byron to prepare for a Product Management interview. He helped to walk me through every step on how to tackle different behavioral and PM interview question as well as extra challenges that might happen during on-site interview. I took his advise seriously and finally received the offer. Thanks so much Byron for your help, guidance and encouraging words during this challenging process."


What they're saying

Nam Le

"Amazon interviews are so unique that without knowing exactly how to structure your responses, its very difficult to impress those people. What makes it even harder is that there are no prep materials online specifically for Amazon interviews and your best bet is a person who’s participated in recruiting and who knows the expectations of hiring team. I found session with Yoni extremely helpful and I’m excited to say that I’ll be joining Amazon soon!"

Pavle Mgevadze

MBA graduate 2016, Emory University - Goizueta Business school

Vu is an experienced product manager, former hiring manager at Cisco, conducting hundreds of PM interviews. His advice for professionals on product management mock interview is unparalleled.

Featured Experts

Yoni is an exceptional senior product manager in the tech industry. He is passionate about advising on product management mock interview, career transitioning including making introductions and job referrals in the tech industry

Tript Singh Lamba

Sr. Principal Group PM Lead at Microsoft

Vu Nguyen

Former Product Manager & Business Development Manager at Cisco

(Kellogg MBA)

Tript is a high-profile product management guru with an extensive network. He offers expert advice on product management mock interview and career transitioning from both technical and non-technical backgrounds to PM roles, as well as makes introductions & job referrals in the tech industry

Yoni Friedman

Senior Product Manager at Amazon

(Booth MBA)

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How Polariis works

She thinks Tom has the experience that she is looking for. She messages him to learn more about his expertise

Sarah is a driven young professional looking for Experts to help her prepare for an important interview and gain interview opportunities

On the scheduled date, Tom conducts a mock interview with Sarah over Skype and provides her detailed feedback

She logs on to and searches for a senior expert in her field for a mock interview session

She then books an appointment of one hour with Tom and makes payment to Tom through the Polariis platform

Our Services

  • Personalized job mock interviews for tech & non-tech product management, project management and data analytics consulting
  • Career Roadmapping and Planning
  • Career Transitioning into product management, data science, data analytic consulting including introductions and job referrals in the technology industry

 Our experienced experts can offer you insights on a variety of topics important for your career.

Handpicked and Highly Qualified Experts

Our Experts are carefully selected from a pool of highly qualified experts within your field. They not only have the experience, but also the knowledge required to help you unlock your potential and accelerate your career.

Personalized advice. Valuable insights. Instant feedback.

Job satisfaction and career advancement are very important matters to you. So let's discuss one on one. Meeting with your experts lets you receive instant feedback and advice that's specific to you and your development needs.

Receive introductions & job referrals

By working with our experts, you will be able to receive
introductions and job referrals to the right hiring channels if there is any available job opening.

Objective Feedback

One thing we can guarantee: objectivity. By discussing your job-related matters with someone who does not know you personally (or professionally), you can be assured to receive a more objective advice from a fresh perspective.

Our Team


Polariis is an on-demand mock interview platform that connects young professionals with the right experts.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and professionals who share your concerns and challenges.

We have struggled through our careers, having to navigate through that jungle of corporate world without the right Experts.

More than anyone, we understand deeply what you are going through. One day, we sat down together and thought,

"what if anyone of us can have the (right) Experts who can share with us how they cope with these issues?".

And Polariis was created.

We want to help you sail through this journey with clear direction and achieve greater success. That's our mission.

Selective and Relevant

We will then look through your profile, understand your career challenges, and recommend the most suitable experts from our database.

You can update your experts about your progress and provide feedback about his/her advice. You may need more sessions with your experts, that can be done seamlessly through our app.

One-On-One Meetings

Personalized Matching System

You will then schedule a one-on-one meeting with your selected expert whom you find the most fitted. Here, you will receive real mock interview sessions, discuss with your expert the most difficult and sensitive questions you are having and receive advice about your next steps to reach your goals.

How can Polariis help you?

Continuous Update and Feedback

We handpick highly qualified and passionate experts in technology industry. These are the people who have the experience and most likely have gone through the same paths and faced similar issues as you do, be it career change, the right network, insightful information.

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